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App setup.xml - 404 page not found


I'm facing issue with setup page on Splunk app to get user input. When I tried to access the app Set Up page from Manage Apps, I get '404 Page not found error' (web_service.log). Even splunk logs is not giving any details regarding the error. I have followed the guide on the website and some application available on Splunk base. I am not able to find out what I'm doing wrong.

Following are my conf files. All files are in 'default' folder.

Any help will be appreciated.

Splunk Error Log

 INFO [58eaa49e4d11014cc90] error:138 - Masking the original 404 message: 'Nothing matches the given URI' with 'Page not found!' for security reasons


     <block title="User Dashboard Configuration" endpoint="userinput/user_input" entity="dashboard_conf">
         <input field="dashboard_url">
             <label>Dashboard URL</label>
         <input field="auth_token">
             <label>Authentication Token</label>
     <block title="Syslog Configuration" endpoint="userinput/user_input" entity="syslog_conf">
         <input field="slog_port">
             <label>Syslog Port</label>



 handlertype = python
 handlerfile =
 handleractions = list, edit


 dashboard_url = https://
 auth_token = 

 slog_port = 


I assume you have followed through .
did you try "match=/" instead of "match=/userinput"

Alternatively, you can use an add-on builder to create a custom app/add-on along with a setup page. (creates html file) . Have you looked at this?

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