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Alert Manager: Creating incidents from SPL

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Hi fellow Alert Manager Users,


is it possible to create alert manager incidents from SPL instead of from the custom alert action? This would allow for easier testing, being able to manually create incidents, not needing to schedule a search.

I tried the following, not diving into the code so far, but this did not work out:


| makeresults count=1 
| eval index="alerts", auto_assign_owner="unassigned", impact="low", urgency="low", title="testTitle", owner="unassigned", append_incident=1, auto_previous_resolve=0, auto_subsequent_resolve=0, auto_suppress_resolve=0, auto_ttl_resove=0, display_fields="test", category="testCategory", subcategory="testSubcategory", tags="testTag", notification_scheme="testScheme"
| sendalert alert_manager param.index="alerts" param.auto_assign_owner="unassigned" param.impact="low" param.urgency="low" param.title="testTitle" param.owner="unassigned" param.append_incident=1 param.auto_previous_resolve=0 param.auto_subsequent_resolve=0 param.auto_suppress_resolve=0 param.auto_ttl_resove=0 param.display_fields="test" param.category="testCategory" param.subcategory="testSubcategory" param.tags="testTag" param.notification_scheme="testScheme"


It fails with the error:


File "/opt/splunk/etc/apps/alert_manager/bin/", line 570, in <module>
log.debug("Parsed savedsearch settings: expiry={} digest_mode={}".format(savedSearch['content']['alert.expires'], savedSearch['content']['alert.digest_mode']))
KeyError: 'content'




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