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Add-On for Atlassian Jira Issue Alerts fails to create alert

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Hi community,

I'm using splunk 8.0.6 and I've installed the ta on a search head cluster.

When alert is triggered I've configured Jira Issue Alert but no ticket is created on Jira and I see this error on jira_issue_alert_modalert.log



2021-06-24 16:24:10,665 ERROR pid=20944 tid=MainThread | sendmodaction - worker="splkcisosh1" signature="Unexpected error: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='jiraurl', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /rest/api/2/serverInfo (Caused by NewConnectionError('<urllib3.connection.VerifiedHTTPSConnection object at 0x7f384b80dd10>: Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 111] Connection refused'))." action_name="jira_issue_alert" search_name="CRM_Stargate_ID2 Clone" sid="scheduler__benedettim__search__RMD59d66eff7707ced3c_at_1624544640_299_522794B8-61DC-4346-ACD8-CA61702DA811" rid="0" app="search" user="benedettim" digest_mode="1" action_mode="saved" action_status="failure"



The proxy is configured though since in ta_atlassian_jira_issue_alerts_settings.conf I see this:


proxy_enabled = 1
proxy_password = ********
proxy_port = 8080
proxy_rdns = 1
proxy_type = http
proxy_url = proxy
proxy_username = username


I've tried to open a ticket using postman with the same user and is working fine.


Do you have any idea?



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