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Active_Directory.csv file request

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I have been playing with the active_directory.csv file to get the Display Names to show up, instead of the usernames in the exchange app. I find that to be a lot more convenient, as our usernames do not match up at all with the actual user's name. Best way I have done it, is to use the active_directory.csv file. I put nothing in column one, put the display name in column two, and then have the username in column 3. Works, unless the user logs into OWA with their UPN.

Anyone know a better way? Or are there plans to show the display name instead of the username, or have an option to do it? Thanks!

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From what I have read from the documentation you have to put the logon domain in the first column. So:,Display name,username

This will then merge the username and domain together to make:

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