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-Splunk8.0 Cloud/Splunk Heavy forwarder)  

I have an alert configured to give a weekly report for all windows servers (a mixture of windows server 2012 and 2016) for windows updates. When an update installs on a server we get the report emailed to us weekly.  We get verification that the windows updates got installed on all servers, except for 3 domain controllers (Windows Server 2016 domain).   Could someone look at this search string and let me know if there is something missing, or should I be doing a different search criteria?  Thanks in advance


tag=Windows_Update package=*

| dedup package, host

| eval status=if(eventtype=="Update_Successful", "Success", if(eventtype=="Update_Failed", "Failed", "NA"))

| search NOT status="NA" 

| stats latest(_time) as ltime, count by status, host, package

| convert ctime(ltime)

| eval lsuccess="Succesful at (".ltime.")"

| eval lfail="Failed at (".ltime.")"

| eval lstatus=if(status=="Success",lsuccess,lfail)

| stats values(lstatus) as Status_History by host, package

| sort host,package

| eval scount=mvcount(Status_History)

| eval Last_Status=if(scount>1,"Success",if(match(Status_History, "Success*"),"Success","Failed"))

| table host, package, Last_Status, Status_History

| sort host,package




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Much of what you are doing does not make much sense.

The initial dedup will give you exactly one record for each host and package, so all the following logic that presumes there is anything to count, or any MV in  the records, is not needed.

The latest() aggregate function  for stats will pull you the last value, so you don't even have to dedup.

So, this gets you the equivalent output of what you wrote.

tag=Windows_Update package=* host=*
| fields host package eventtype
| stats latest(_time) as _time latest(eventtype) as eventtype by host package
| eval status=case(eventtype=="Update_Successful", "Successful at ("._time.")", 
                   eventtype=="Update_Failed", "Failed at ("._time.")", 
| table host package status


Now, if you wanted a history, including the last value, then you could do something like this:

tag=Windows_Update package=* host=* 
(eventtype=="Update_Successful" OR eventtype=="Update_Failed")
| fields host package eventtype
| eval status=case(eventtype=="Update_Successful", "Successful at ("._time.")", 
                   eventtype=="Update_Failed", "Failed at ("._time.")")
| sort 0 host package - _time 
| stats latest(status) as Last_Status list(status) as Status_History  by host package



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