Is there a limit on the number of results that can be included in an email alert?

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Hello, The events in the csv file sent by alert action email is limited to 1000. Is this correct? How can I increase the limit?


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Hi. I just upgraded from 4.0.11 had the same problem. After reading this thread and looking at the command in the email stanza in alerts_actions.conf, I found the problem, which corresponds with what vbumgarner posted. Specifically, in the old alert_actions.conf from 4.0.11, the command contained:


It should be:


Otherwise, maxresults=foo is meaningless, eh?

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We have been told by support to add:


To the alert_inputs.conf file, however this does not make it work.

Anyone else get this to work? At this point I have been told this won't be fixed until the next version (we are currently running 4.1.5) but need it to work NOW. If I run this query at the command line and pipe the output to a file will it give me the same limitation?

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This is caused by a typo in the default alert_actions.conf, and will be fixed in the next release. For an immediate fix, add this to etc/system/local/alert_actions.conf:

command =  ${default=""}$ | sendemail "to=$$" "server=${default=localhost}$" "from=${default=splunk@localhost}$" "subject=${recurse=yes}$" "format=${default=csv}$" "sssummary=Saved Search [$name$]: $counttype$($results.count$)" "sslink=$results.url$" "ssquery=$search$" "ssname=$name$" "inline=${default=False}$" "sendresults=${default=False}$" "sendpdf=${default=False}$" "pdfview=$$" "searchid=$search_id$" "graceful=$graceful{default=True}$" maxinputs="${default=1000}$" maxtime="${default=5m}$"


There has been a few releases since September 2010 now, and this is still not fixed as far as I can tell...

But thanks for the solution.

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I modified to set the problem has not been changed

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Splunk Employee

There is a setting that dictates the maximum number of results that will be sent with any alert. This is the maxresults parameter that resides in the alert_actions.conf file. By default this is set to 100. For reference, you could set it to 2000 by adding this line to a $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/local/alert_actions.conf file:


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