How to create custom alert script to initiate tcpdump?


Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a custom alert action where tcpdump capture will be triggered for the event's src and dest IPs.

I created a simple bash script for that: 


#Initiate tcpdump (3 dumps for 5mins each)
tcpdump -i ens33 -G 300 -W 3 -w /mnt/nfs/pcaps/pcap-%Y-%m-%d_%H.%M.%S


My problem is that this does not contain the src and dest IPs of the correlation event triggered. How can I pass these variables here in order not to capture the whole traffic, but only the one related between these two hosts?



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The alert action script receives the configuration and results from the stdin in json format.. 


"app": "search",
"owner": "admin",
"results_file": "heregoesthecreditcardnumber",
"results_link": "heregoesthecreditcardnumber",
"search_uri": "/servicesNS/nobody/search/saved/searches/testalert",
"server_host": "art-mb-2.local",
"server_uri": "heregoesthecreditcardnumber",
"session_key": "heregoesthecreditcardnumber",
"sid": "scheduler__admin__search__testalert_at_1569508320_128",
"search_name": "testalert",
"configuration": {
"email": "andreas at",
"company": "batchworks",
"severity": "WARNING"
"result": {
"sourcetype": "splunkd",
"count": "80"

in "result" there are your search results.. read this in python like: 

result = settings = json.loads(result)regards,​


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