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How to enable / disable table element drilldown through java script


Hi All,

I was having a requirement to enable / disable table element drilldown. i mean if my SH is a Job server i would enable the drilldown option for table elment and should disable the option if its a Search head.

I have used the following code snippnet . but this not working . Can you please help me ? where am i going wrong ??

// Sample code

     var element1 = new TableElement({
             "id": "element1",          
         `"link.exportResults.visible":  "true",
            "link.inspectSearch.visible": "false",
             "link.openSearch.visible": "false",            
               "drilldown": "row",
            "rowNumbers": "true",
            "managerid": "search1",
             "el": $('#element1')
         }, {tokens: true}).render();

            if(host ="JobServer")       {
            if(host ="SearchHead")      {

Please help me !! Thanks in Advance 🙂

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The problem is in the host = 'JobServer' . In javascript '=' is the assignment operator. To compare You should use identity operator: '==='.
Please check http://www.c-point.com/javascript_tutorial/jsgrpComparison.htm for reference.

So your code should be:

 if (host === "JobServer") {
    element1.settings.set("drilldown", "row");
 if (host === "SearchHead") {
    element1.settings.set("drilldown", "none");
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Can you please share your xml :)..

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hi rakesh did you solved your problem?

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