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How to compare today vs last week same hour stats and give percentage?


I have this working query which needs some additional detailing.

index=_internal earliest=-1h@h latest=@h
| lookup api uri OUTPUT operation service
| rex "duration=(?<response_time>[^,]+)" | multikv | eval ReportKey="Today"
| append
[ search index=_internal earliest=-7d-1h@h latest=-7d@h
| lookup api uri OUTPUT operation service
| rex "duration=(?<response_time>[^,]+)" | multikv | eval ReportKey="lastweek" | eval _time=_time+604800]
| stats first(uri) as apiName avg(response_time) as avgresponse_time count by operationName ReportKey

Is there a way to get like this where it will compare all average response time and then give the percentile differences.

operation uri





% differrences




last week


abc /api/abc 222 333   12312 42343
xyz /api/xyz 867 4234   87978 67867
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