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Help with Splunk query in combining two source types?


I have two source types CardMember_cycle_data (with card member cycle date info) and CardMember_Demographic_data (with card member demographic info).

Both files have more than 3-4 million records each.

(all dates are in MM/DD/YYYY format)

CM_id   Cycle_Date
CM1       05/01/2023
CM1       06/01/2023
CM2       04/03/2023
CM2       05/03/2023
CM2       06/03/2023

CM_id Transaction_Dt   Prod_Code
CM1     01/02/2020        CR
CM1     05/28/2023        XX
CM1     06/07/2023        AB
CM2     04/14/2023        YY
CM2     06/01/2023        CD

My need is -
For each Card Member present in CardMember_cycle_data I need to get the latest Prod_Code as of LATEST Cycle_Date.
Hence the output will be:
CardMember     Latest_Cycle_Date     Prod_Code
CM1                       06/01/2023                  XX
CM2                       06/03/2023                  CD

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Judging by your expected output, you want the last product code for the member as of the latest date in the cycle data i.e. not the latest product code for the member if it is after the last cycle date.

In order to do date comparisons, you will need to parse the date strings into internal date format. If you search both data sources at the same time (or append one search after the other), you can do something like this:


| eval _time=coalesce(strptime(Cycle_Date,"%m/%d/%Y"), strptime(Transaction_Dt,"%m/%d/%Y"))
| sort _time
| streamstats latest(Prod_Code) as Prod_Code by CM_id
| where isnotnull(Cycle_Date)
| stats latest(Cycle_Date) as Cycle_Date latest(Prod_Code) as Prod_Code by CM_id

Note that this may not quite work if the date are the same in the two sources


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