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Custom Alert Action - How to get search head DNS name?

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I was expecting to find a helper object function for this, but I don't see one here:


I want to use the DNS name/URL of the search head in my alert action code.   How can this be accessed (Splunk cloud, if it matters)?    At least in my local test server,  I see this, but it returns an IP address, not a DNS name.

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This was suggested to me by a colleague (reading the email alert action link hostname) .   This works nicely for me inside AOB code:


from splunk.clilib import cli_common as cli

def process_event(helper, *args, **kwargs):
   alert_actions_config = cli.getMergedConf("alert_actions")
    alert_actions_hostname = alert_actions_config.get("email", {}).get("hostname", None)
    if alert_actions_hostname:
        helper.log_debug("Alert action hostname: {}".format(alert_actions_hostname))




will splunk_server be your answer? 

At least rest return it for me 

| rest splunk_server=local /services/server/sysinfo f=splunk_server
| table splunk_server

Of course if you have set it to something else then it didn't work.

r. Ismo 

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I'm afraid that returns the actual hostname, not the DNS name used for the UI and API.


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