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After creating a custom setup.xml for an app I'm developing, why do I not see my custom XML?

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Hi All,

I'm trying to create a custom setup.xml for the app which I'm developing. After writing the setup.xml, restmap.xml, myconfig_parser.py file, I'm not able to see my custom xml as part of "https://XX.XX.XX.XX:8089/services" itself.

Can someone please check and verify if I have provided all the right inputs and tell me if there is anything wrong in the code?


server =
ise_username = admin
ise_password = password



handlertype = python
handlerfile = ise_python_handler.py
handleractions = list, edit


  <block title="ISE Active Session Setup"  endpoint="myisecustom/isecustomendpoint" entity="setupentity">
      <input field="server">
             <label>IP Address </label>
         <input field="ise_username">
     <input field="ise_password">


import splunk.admin as admin
import splunk.entity as entity
import os

class Config(admin.MConfigHandler):

  def setup(self):
    if self.requestedAction == admin.ACTION_EDIT:
      for arg in ['server', 'ise_username', 'ise_password']:

  def handleList(self, confInfo):
    confDict = self.readConf('ISE')

    #if None != confDict:
    #  for stanza, settings in confDict.items():
    #    for key, val in settings.items():
    #      confInfo[stanza].append(key, val)
    #   confInfo[stanza].append('changed', '1')

  def handleEdit(self, confInfo):
    name = self.callerArgs.id
    args = self.callerArgs

    if self.callerArgs.data['server'][0] in [None, '']:
      self.callerArgs.data['server'][0] = ''

    if self.callerArgs.data['ise_username'][0] in [None, '']:
      self.callerArgs.data['ise_username'][0] = ''

    if self.callerArgs.data['ise_password'][0] in [None, '']:
      self.callerArgs.data['ise_password'][0] = ''

    self.writeConf('ISE' , 'setupentity', self.callerArgs.data)

# initialize the handler
admin.init(Config, admin.CONTEXT_NONE)
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Did you put this in default? I had no luck in local.

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