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Splunk Modal window with tableview rendered


I'm trying to get my dashboard to show a modal window with a tableview containing search assigned to the tableview.  The tableview search is not to show search with updated token value. 




          <query>index=_internal sourcetype="splunkd" log_level IN ("ERROR", "WARN")|stats count by component</query>
        <option name="refresh.display">progressbar</option>
          <set token="show_ModalTable">$row.component$</set>
        <div class="modal hide fade" id="modaltable_div">
        <div class="modal-header">
            <button type="button" class="close" data-dismiss="modal" aria-hidden="true"/>
            <h3>Modal header</h3>
        <div id="modaltable_detail"/>
        <!--<div class="modal-footer">
            <a href="#" class="btn">Close</a>
            <a href="#" class="btn btn-primary">Save changes</a>
], function(_, $, mvc, SavedSearchManager, SearchControlsView, TableView, ChartView) {
	// Listen for token changesvar 
	tokens = mvc.Components.get("default");
    var tv= new TableView({
        id: 'modal_table',
        data: "results" ,
        managerid: 'modaltable_search',
        el: $('#modaltable_detail')

	tokens.on("change:show_ModalTable", function(model, value, options) {
		var sm = mvc.Components.getInstance("modaltable_search");








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