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trying to add export/inspect/open in search options, resultsLinkView

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I have a dashboard using a custom splunk web framework view which displays some stuff and a tableview of search results.  This works great.

I am trying to add the "ResultsLinkView" so that users can export these search results and am running into issues.

The docs reference a "controlpanel" element the ResultsLinkView should be tied to, but I'm not sure how to translate that reference into what I have to work with in my code.  I dont understand how to tie together the ResultsLinkView to a TableView... or is this the wrong approach?

With the below, I see the table view results, and the links for the ResultsLinkView are present but disabled, even if I mouse over.

<form script="test.js">
            <div id="dummy_table"></div>
            <div id="dummy_resultslink"></div>


  ], function(
  ) {
    var dummysearch = new SearchManager({
          id: "dummysearch",
          search: mvc.tokenSafe('|makeresults |eval stuff="dummy"'),
          autostart: "false",
          preview: false,
          cache: true
    tvdummy= new TableView({
          id: "dummytable",
          el: $("#dummy_table"),
          managerid: "dummysearch"

    var resultsLink = new ResultsLinkView({
        id: "resultsLink",
        managerid: "dummytable",
        el: $("#dummy_resultslink")


if i change 

    var resultsLink = new ResultsLinkView({
        el: $("#dummy_table")

then I don't see any search results.

Appreciate any suggestions, TIA

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