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Splunk Fundamentals Training Courses 1,2 & 3


Hi Team,

Earlier we had the Splunk Fundamental Courses 1, 2 & 3 so it would be really useful for the beginners to learn from the Scratch but unfortunately I couldn't able to find the course available for now. 

So do we have any other course or topics which covers the basic stuffs for the beginners similar like Splunk Fundamental Courses 1, 2 & 3 so if it is yes, Then kindly share the details of the course and also let me know whether its a paid or free course.

Thank you.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi @anandhalagaras1 , 

You can also look through our course catalog, and filter by product, certification, or role to help you get the recommended courses you're looking for. They indicate whether they are free or not as well. 

Happy training! 

-Splunk Certification Team 

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unfortunately there is no more those Fundamentals 1-3 courses 😞

But you could found suitable courses from Here is some query options, which give you some paid and also free eLearning course

  • Delivery Type: eLearning
  • Category:
    • Learning Level
    • Platform
  • Language: English

For me it gives 48 courses where to chose suitable ones.

r. Ismo


Hi @anandhalagaras1 ,

if you're a Splunk Partner, there's a section of the Partner Portal dedicated to training where yu can find many interesting courses.

Anyway, the course that I hint to all is the Splunk Search Tutorial (free) at , to learn how to create a search.

Then it's useful Fundamentals I (free).

At least I hint the Splunk Sales Engineer I and II (especially the second!) that's very useful, these courses are all free for Splunkl Partners.

Obviously, the certification paths are the best approach, but they are paid courses.



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