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Is Splunk Accreditation included with my company's Splunk Enterprise purchase?

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My company has splunk enterprise- Does that include training? I’m interested in the Splunk Accredited Customer Success Manager courses. Is that something I can take advantage of with my company’s Splunk account? Or is there an additional cost and if so, how much? 

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Hi Blake.

If you're looking at accreditations, it sounds like you might be working for a Splunk Partner. You can always contact for 1:1 assistance.

Some customers do receive success plan credits with their license, which can be used for training (not certification), so it may be worth checking with your Splunk reps on what you do/don't have access to.

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Hi @blakemorden,

training is usually excluded by license supply.

If your company is a Splunk Partner you have the 50% of discount on training but no other facilities.

Anyway, also for free or discounted or full paid courses, certification exams are to be paid.

My only hint is to follow the gratis training courses that you can find on youTube ( and on the Splunk Training page (

In additionn, I hint to follow the Splunk Search Tutorial (

Ciao and happy splunking.


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Sometimes some training is included with the purchase of Splunk, but only Splunk and your company will know that.  Contact your Splunk account team or the person who bought Splunk.

Accredited Customer Success Manager is a certification not available to end users.

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