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I have a bunch of uris to extract and categorize. And after that i need to timechart it by category.

so say the log has


I need to extract the uris starting with urlxyz as category1 and urlabc as category 2 and timechart them as column/stacked. On the chart the categories should be the information displayed when a mouseover happens on any of the stacks.

right now my search is like this.

index=xyz sourcetype=xyz GET |rex ="GET|POST\s+(?P[^ ]+?)\s+HTTP"|timechart span=10m count(URL) by URL useother=false usenull=false

any help is appreciated. thank you.

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Re: url search and chart


Okay, I see one problem with this search: you define a field named "url" in the rex command, but you use it as "URL" in the timechart command. Field names are case-sensitive.

Assuming that your regular expression is correct in the rex command:

index=xyz sourcetype=xyz GET |rex ="GET|POSTs+(?P<url>[^ ]+?)s+HTTP"|timechart span=10m count by url useother=false usenull=false

should work. Note that I also changed count(URL) to just count
You do not need to count(url) if all events have the url field.