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tstats with count() works but dc() produces 0 results


I'm using tstats on an accelerated data model which is built off of a summary index. Everything works as expected when querying both the summary index and data model except for an exceptionally large environment that produces 10-100x more results when running dc().


This works fine in said environment and produces 17,000,000~:


| tstats summariesonly=true count(assets.hostname) from datamodel="Summary_Host_Data" where (earliest=-1d latest=now)


This produces 0 results, which should be around 400,000~:


| tstats summariesonly=true dc(assets.hostname) from datamodel="Summary_Host_Data" where (earliest=-1d latest=now)


Even though the summary index works fine and produces 400,000~:


index=summary_host_data earliest=-1d | stats dc(hostname)


Finally, if I search over 6 hours instead of 1d, I do get results from the tstats using dc().

Is there some type of limit I'm running into with dc()? Or is there something else going on?

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Hi thisissplunk,

Tstats search syntax seems correct and able to get a valid output for distinct_count on my end.
To my understanding there is no limitations for distinct_count aggregate function.

When you enable acceleration for a data model, Splunk software builds the initial set of .tsidx file summaries for the data model and then runs scheduled searches in the background every 5 minutes to keep those summaries up to date. Each update ensures that the entire configured time range is covered without a significant gap in data. This method of summary building also ensures that late-arriving data is summarized without complication.

Can you please verify DM accelerations searches executions status using below search 

index=_internal sourcetype="scheduler" savedsearch_id="<user>;<appname>;_ACCELERATE_DM_<appname>_<DataModelName>_ACCELERATE_"


An upvote would be appreciated and Accept Solution if it helps!


Thanks for responding. I've checked for those logs and they all return "success" for the data model acceleration queries.

What I think is going on is that I'm running into some kind of memory error. This is reinforced by:

  1. estdc() working but dc() not
  2. dc() working on smaller timeframes (6 hours and below)

I just can't figure out where or why.

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Have you looked at the job inspector to see if that gives any clues, also have a look at the search log.

You can also get more information in the search log by enabling debug

Have a look at Clara Merriman's great article on the job inspector, which also gives the info on where to add changes to limits.conf to get extra debug to the log.



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