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latest time values in search query


Hello Everyone,

I have a query where a user selects a time range in the timeticker

Let say 10 november 08:30am to 10 novemeber 11:30am

The user wants to only see the events for the last 5 minutes

 i.e from 10 novmeber 11:25am 10 novemeber 11:30am to look for errors in that 5 minutes

He has two panels

  1. total errors in the the selected timeframe
  2. Total errors in the last 5mins of the selected timeframe

I'm able to create panel 1 how to create panel 2 how

Below search for panel 2

earliest=-5m  latest=$info_max_time$ index=newdata sourcetype=oracle source="/u0/DATA_COUNT.txt" loglevel="ERROR" |bin span=5m _time |stats dc(loglevel) by INSTANCE_NAME

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Try something like this for 2

index=newdata sourcetype=oracle source="/u0/DATA_COUNT.txt" loglevel="ERROR"
[| makeresults
| addinfo
| eval earliest=relative_time(info_max_time,"-5m")
| eval latest=info_max_time
| table earliest latest]
| stats dc(loglevel) by INSTANCE_NAME
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