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transform XML with same node name and add field names



I have Windows Event for specific application that have payload in Windows Event Log, when using Splunk_TA_windows to extract data will get field with multipe "Data".


How can I extract it automatically to fields/value:
process_name = process_name
signature = signature_name
binary = binary_description


Is there any way without using "big" regex? to just $1:$2:$3.. and then add names to $1, $2, $3 like for CSV.

something like: 

REGEX = (?ms)<Data>(.*?)<\/Data>

this will create maybe one multi value field and then assign Field_name

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What is the sourcetype applied by splunk? Also can you paste an complete event?

Regarding the <Data> field, does it always have the same format (process_name, signature_name,binary_description)?


Maybe to start you could try this on spl:

| rex "<Data>(?<process_name>.*)<\/Data><Data>(?<signature_name>.*)<\/Data><Data>(?<binary_description>.*)<\/Data>"


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Hey, that SPL is good. But it have 99 Data section and getting Regex backlag errors on Regex101. 

Currently I make it like

SOURCE_KEY = EventData_Xml
REGEX = (?ms)<Data>(.*?)<\/Data>
FORMAT = test_data::$1
MV_ADD = 1

And then (dirty one, but it's working for start)

Regarding the <Data> field, does it always have the same format (process_name, signature_name,binary_description)?

* Yes


Sourcetype, I create my own and just using Splunk_TA_Windows for initial report to extract Data_Xml. Basically, it's new Sourcetype and can do transform, props as I like. 


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Do not treat structured data such as XML as string text is my usual advice.  Splunk's built-in routines designed to process XML (e.g., spath) is much more robust than any regex you can construct.

If you have difficulty with using spath and such, post sample/mock data (anonymize as needed) and explain what search you use and what result you get, how the result is different from your desires.

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