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I have a column list received from "values(mymail)"


I need to get top/head N results of that list with the idea that values(mymail) can reach thousands of rows.

The whole search string related to the question is :

$SEARCH | stats count dc(mymail) as unique count(mymail) as hits values(mymail) as list by VAR

How do I do that ? 🙂

I tried with eval
just before |stats like eval email_list=(values(mymail)|head 10 ), but it seems not right

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You could maybe use the following to break out the individual items in the list field but am having trouble imagining what the rest of your stats command output is - haven't had enough caffeine yet I suppose.

| makemv list | mvexpand list

At any rate you would then need another stats (+ sort & head) or top command to then get your top X.

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Try something like this

$SEARCH | stats count dc(mymail) as unique count(mymail) as hits values(mymail) as list by VAR 
| eval sno=mvrange(0,10,1) | eval list=mvzip(list,sno,",") |nomv list| eval list=replace(list,"(,\d+)"," ") | makemv list

The no '10' in the mvrange command denotes you will be returned first 10 values from the multivalued field 'list'

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