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i have objects with names that all carry a unique and constant "Software-Signature" with them.

This signature is supposed to never change. And i know that it is in its original state at some timestamp.

Now, i want to create a dashboard that displays the objects current signature, its original signature and if they are identical.

makeresults| eval Identical = if(sig_orig = sig_current, 1, 0) | table name sig_orig sig_current Identical 
search index=my_index earliest=".." latest=".."| stats values(Signatur) as sig_orig by name 
|appendcols [
search index=my_index | stats latest(Signatur) as sig_current by name


This works besides the fact that the field identical displays nothing.

Assuming, there is deviation and you find a 0, as in the two signatures are not identical. You may want to find when that occured, so i would like to make timechart of the identical-field by name.


Thank you in advance, and i hope i managed to describe the task clearly. 


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What about just getting the first and latest and compare them ? 

index=my_index earliest=".." latest=".."
| stats earliest(Signatur) as sig_orig,latest(Signatur) as sig_current by name
|eval Identical = if(sig_org == sig_current,"Yes","No")



Thx sorry for the late response.

The original signatures lay back quite some time, so i wanted to avoid having to do search such a large interval.

Additionally i would not really see the logic being applicable to a timechart.

Say i want to use the signatures of one day 2 years ago as my reference point and i want to compare if all the different objects had their original signature in the last week, binned daywise and by "object_name".

If you unterstand want i am trying to say.


Anyway my solution for now is

index=my_index name=* | stats latest(Signatur) as sig_c by name
|appendcols [
search index=my_index earliest="11/4/2019:08:00:00" latest="11/4/2019:18:00:00" name=*| stats latest(Signatur) as sig_o by name
| eval id = if(sig_o==sig_c, "iO", "niO")| table name id


And for the timechart

index=my_index name="001"| timechart span=1d latest(Signatur) as sig_c
|appendcols [
search index=my_index earliest="11/4/2020:08:00:00" latest="11/4/2020:10:00:00" name="001"| stats latest(Signatur) as sig_o
| filldown sig_o
| eval id = if(sig_o==sig_c, 1, 0)| timechart span=1d values(id) as "iO/niO"

But this does not support the desired groub by name yet.

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