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I am trying to make an overview with different counts. The message always starts with :


Some will go in error and then they will apear with:

The difficult thing is that I want the unique ID's, so some messages will have an retry in both loggers.I tried to use dedup but then I will miss messages when they are in both loggers. I hope someone can make sense of my question....

search.... logger="blahblah-main.Start*" OR logger="blahblah.Exception" |dedup message.MessagId|dedup message.BusinessId |chart count by logger

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@richgalloway is right - without real sample data, we're not going to be able to help you as well as we could otherwise

We need you to supply sample data

That said, here's a possible guess as to what you're trying to do:

index=ndx sourcetype=srctp logger="blahblah-main.Start" OR logger="blahblah.Exception"
| stats values(message.MessageId) as MessageId values(message.BusinessId) as BusinessId by logger
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Please share complete examples of error and non-error messages. Let us know where to find the MessageId and BusinessId fields.

If this reply helps you, Karma would be appreciated.

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Hi, you are absolutely right but I find it difficult to supply samples. The situation is that there is a chain of events, every event starts with the logger "start" when the event cannot be distrtibuted it ends in an exception. Every event contains a messageid en sometimes a businessid. The messageid is unique for every string of events, this can be 2 events of 100. In case of an error there will be retries with the same messageid. I need the count of the unique id's that have been started en the count of the id's that had an exception. Both dedupped.


1           “start”
2        “start”
3        “start”
3                              "Exception"
3                              "Exception"  
4       "Start"
5        "Start"        
5                               "Exception"     
6   "Start"
7   "Start"
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