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A simple search(index="xx" source="/aa/bb/cc.log") made on my searchead takes 4 minutes to display 7.5 millon events for past 4 hours. This seems to be a very slow performance. My architecture contains 2 peer nodes and a master plus searchead which are dedicated machines. 

More complex searches with regex takes enormous time. Where do i start troubleshooting this slowness.

Does inceasing IOPS for hot db (/var/opt/splunk/db) on my peer nodes, will have a postive effect on my perfomance or any other things to check on this.

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How many diff apps do you have installed on your search head?

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8 apps

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Hi @gauravmsharma 

iops improvement is good.. also, generally improving search speed is a complex task, requires lot of analysis... 





the summary indexing, data model acceleration ideas will improve search performance good. 


(PS - i have given around 500+ karma points so far, received badge for that, if an answer helped you, a karma point would be nice!. we all should start "Learn, Give Back, Have Fun")

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