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need help with regex for Transforms.conf


I am new to both Splunk and REGEX. I am trying to filter out syslog data from a single src address.

I have the following in my Transforms.conf

REGEX = \[src=\]
DEST_KEY = queue
FORMAT = nullQueue

My data looks like this:

Oct  8 13:08:46 SSG550: NetScreen device_id=SSG550  [Root]system-notification-00257(traffic): start_time="2010-10-08 13:08:46" duration=0 policy_id=225 service=tcp/port:7777 proto=6 src zone=DMZ-8 dst zone=WAN action=Permit sent=0 rcvd=0 src= dst= src_port=15120 dst_port=7777 src-xlated ip= port=15120 dst-xlated ip= port=7777 session_id=250914

Isn't there some way I can select these records based on the field "src"? If not, can someone tell me why my regex above is not working.

Thanks again for helping a newbee out.

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If it helps at all, I found this video which explains adding lines to props.conf and transforms.conf (towards the end, first half or so is about the rex search command).


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I'm not sure your regex syntax is correct. The "[" and "]" are special chars. You might try something like this:


Also you need to refer to this transforms.conf entry from somewhere inside of props.conf. Something like:


There's good examples of this at:


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