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my search string is truncated after a question mark in a custom drilldown search


my search string is truncated after a question mark in a custom drilldown search.

I have a statistic table that I made in a dashboard, and when I click in the row of that table, I have custom search.

so I go to Edit Drilldown -> Link to search and I choose custom.

the problem is: I am using regular expression in my custom search and when I click in the table row, it takes me to the new custom search but everything after the regular expression question mark is truncated.

here is my custome search:

host="myhost"   field1=$row.id$ 
|rex "\|mynewField:(?<newField>.*)\|"

however when I click and go to the custom search, the search appears is :

host="myhost"   field1=$row.id$ 
|rex "\|mynewField:(

so basically the question mark ?, and everything after is truncated. and I get Unbalanced quotes error

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hey seems like it is URL encoding problem

edit your XML custom search as

          <link target="_blank">search?q=host="myhost"   field1=$row.id$ 
 |rex "\|mynewField:(%3F&lt;newField&gt;.*)\|"</link>

let me know if this helps!

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Try replacing the question mark with its URL-encoded equivalent %3F.

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Hi sabirmgd,

Could you share XML in 101010 editor?

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