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joining / subsearching / dual sourcetype for matching error attibutes

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I have two related sets of data: Errors and CalcRun. The relationship in SQl speak is Many Errors to a CalcRun. When listing an error or set of errors I need to establish the appropriate CalcRun based on the time stamp.


Errors table:

  • 10:12 error1
  • 10:23 error2
  • 10:34 error3
  • 10:45 error4
  • 10:56 error5

CalcRun table:

  • 09:30 CalcRunA
  • 10:01 CalcRunB
  • 10:40 CalcRunC
  • 10:50 CalcRunD
  • 11:10 CalcRunE

Required 1 table Splunk output results from these two data inputs:

  • 10:12 error1 CalcRunB (error after 10:01 & before 10:40 hence B)
  • 10:23 error2 CalcRunB (error after 10:01 & before 10:40 hence B)
  • 10:34 error3 CalcRunB (error after 10:01 & before 10:40 hence B)
  • 10:45 error4 CalcRunC (error after 10:40 & before 10:50 hence C)
  • 10:56 error5 CalcRunD (error after10:50 & no more runs hence D)

This is easy to do in SQL with a cursor, any guidance on how to do this in splunk?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I would start with lookups rather than transaction or subsearch. From the Error events, use the _time field to do a temporal lookup for the CalcRun value. This approach will perform well and can be wired to happen automatically. It's all documented here: http://www.splunk.com/base/Documentation/latest/Knowledge/Aboutlookupsandfieldactions

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