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how to use Delta with Stats command or subtract list of time in stats list


hi Every one i am new to splunk , but here my query goes:

Sample Data and json : 

{id: 1 , executor: "executor1" , timestamp:2020-07-16T02:02:02.566}

{id: 1 , executor: "executor2" , timestamp:2020-07-16T02:02:02.570}

now my requirement is to group and list the data by id  and also calculate the timestamp difference between executor1 and executor 2 (as they are sequential steps and logging is also done sequentially)

so i did  " stats list(executor)  as executors , list(timestamp) as logtime by id " .
and the table comes like this:-

id | executors | logtime

1 | executor 1| 2020-07-16T02:02:02.566

    | executor 2 |2020-07-16T02:02:02.570
now i want to calculate the difference between the logtime or timestamp of executors and apply it on stats command only . P.s. number of executors can increase dynamically

required  result:-

id | executors | logtime | time difference 

1 | executor 1| 2020-07-16T02:02:02.566 | 0

    | executor 2 |2020-07-16T02:02:02.570| 0.004



P.s. the above is the description of 1 row only with 4 columns

thanks in advance

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index=_internal |head 2 | fields _raw _time | streamstats count
| eval _raw=if(count=1,"{id: 1 , executor: \"executor1\" , timestamp:2020-07-16T02:02:02.566}","{id: 1 , executor: \"executor2\" , timestamp:2020-07-16T02:02:02.570}")
| rename COMMENT as "the logic" 
| rex max_match=0 "(?<fieldname>\w+):\s?(?<value>\S+)(}| )"
| eval _raw=mvzip(fieldname,value,"=")
| kv
| eval _time=strptime(timestamp,"%FT%T.%3N")
| fields - fieldname value 
| delta _time as time_diff
| fillnull time_diff
| table id  executor  timestamp  time_diff
| rename executor as "executors" ,timestamp as logtime ,time_diff as "time difference"
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Hi @sdk32 ,

This should do the Job:

| streamstats window=2 range(logtime) as time_difference

Hope it works.


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