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forward not detect changes



I install forwarder on a server.

it work perfectly and forward anything on this path /data/app/log to splunk server, but after server disk space run out, I try to delete a file "server.log" on this path, then restart my app to create new server.log on that path. file create again successfully but after this action forwarder not detect changes. 

I try to restart forwarder but not affected!

any idea?


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Hi @indeed_2000 

Could be a possible fishbucket issue, you can check the current monitor status by issuing command under $SPLUNK_HOME/bin use the "./splunk list inputstatus" to get more detailed info on where Splunk is in reading the different files. If you do not find any clue here, you can remove fishbucket directorty/reset -

Clear fishbucket: Declaimer:  The data already indexed might re-index.


An upvote would be appreciated if it helps!


@indeed_2000 It would be great if the steps have provided the fix then accept the solution.

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