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correlate uses and samples


Hi All,

Am trying to find the usage of correlation. When i try my search using coorelation, it gives me an output, but am unable to understand the result.

index="citicom" alerts|correlate email, application

result gives as
Rowfield email APPLICATION
email 1.00 1.00
application 1.00 1.00

can anyone explain me the coorelation with some simple example?

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It is inferred from the result of sampling.

NO col1 col2 col3
1 A X Y
2 B

3 C X
4 D

5 E

     col1       col2       col3

col1 100%(5/5) 40%(2/5) 20%(1/5)
col2 40%(2/5) 100%(2/2) 50%(1/2)

col3 20%(1/5) 50%(1/2) 100%(1/1)

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