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correlate two seperate searchs


What is the most efficient way to correlate results from two separate searches? I can perform two searches, but only want to see the end results when they meet very specific criteria applied to both original search results.

For example:

Search 1: [Sourcetype = Enter]

Returns results like this:

Sourcetype = Enter

Time = 11:05AM

Employee = Sara

Door = West#3

Shirt = Red

Search 2: [Sourcetype = Exit]

Returns results like this:

Sourcetype = Exit

Time = 11:08AM

Employee = Sara

Door = West#3

Shirt = Blue

I am only interested in the specific situation where someone enters and leaves through the same door, within 5 minutes, and is wearing a different shirt (the events above).

I am not even sure the best approach in general to take here.

Any help is appreciated.


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How about this

sourcetype=Entry OR sourcetype=Exit | transaction Employee,Door | where duration<300 AND mvcount(Shirt)>1
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