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append command is not working


Hi All,


I have 70,535 records in first query and 201776 from second query.
when i am append these two searches it is not working correctly.
Some data i lost.

We can i have limitation for append maxout=50000 in limit.conf.
Sometimes it is working for morethan 1 lakh records sometimes not.

index="abc" source="first"  
    | dedup MAC 
    | eval MAC_Address=trim(upper(MAC)) |rename locations as Location |eval type="ARP",Serial_Number="NA",HostName="NA", Domain="NA", Chassis_Type="NA" |table MAC_Address 
    |join type=left max=0 MAC_Address[search index="ghf" source="dataset2"  |dedup MAC_Address  |eval MAC_Address=trim(upper(MAC_Address)),type="dataset2"|table MAC_Address type]  |where isnull(type) |fillnull value="ARP" |table MAC_Address type

    |append maxout=0 [search index="third" source="dataset2" |table MAC_Address type|eval MAC_Address=trim(upper(MAC_Address)) ] |dedup type

Above query i have used left join and filtered with where null .(Here i want where Not in but it is also not working for me)

base query ... |where NOT  MAC_Address  in ([search index=abs |dedup MAC_Address |eval a=split(MAC_Address," ")|mvexpand a |eval r="\"".a."\"" 
|stats values(r) as a | mvcombine delim="," a |rex field=a mode=sed "s/ /,/g" |return $a

Can any one please help me in this.

This is for splunk cloud


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(index="abc" source="first") OR ((index="ghf" OR index="third") source="dataset2") 
| eval MAC_Address=trim(upper(coalesce(MAC,MAC_Address)) 
| rename locations as Location 
| eval type=case(index="abc","ARP",index="ghf","dataset2",index="third",type) ,Serial_Number="NA",HostName="NA", Domain="NA", Chassis_Type="NA" 
| stats value(*) as * by MAC_Address

Hi, @harishalipaka
append is unnecessary.

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query and sample log please. nobody knows details.

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@harishalipaka it definitely will have subsearch limitations and limits.conf can be changed to accommodate as per your needs but as @skoelpin has mentioned please let us know your current SPL/Use case so that we can suggest you any other alternative which is better suited for your needs and may not run into sub-search limitations. PS: You can also try out the sub-search related optional arguments to see if append works (not recommended unless we see your use case): https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/latest/SearchReference/Append#Optional_arguments

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"


Why use the append command? Just join with an OR. Post a sample of your query

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