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adding comments to search results rows


I would like to know if it's possible to add a column to the end of my search results with an editable text box in it, so I can add comments to specific rows in my output before printing or emailing the results off to other people. The results of my query can change wildly each time I run it, so adding a static column is not an option for this particular scenario.

For example, I have a query that shows the top 10 exceptions for a given application in the specified timeframe. I'd like to be able to add a comment for each exception that gives a brioef explanation of the issue and/or what has been done to address it.

so, instead of seeing a report that has

nameNotFoundException          1182
Bad Result From Customer Lookup  75

I want to be able to add comments to the end of each result so it looks something like the following when printed/sent off to someone:

nameNotFoundException           1182         Fix scheduled for Oct 22 release
Bad Result From Customer Lookup   75         Ticket 1234 opened with Marketing Run Team 7/30

Is this kind of customization available from within Splunk? I know I can export to a .csv and do it there, but I need to repeat this process multiple times for different teams, so I am looking for a way to streamline it a little from that.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

If the comment supposed to be always the same per category :
the best thing seems to create a lookup on a field (like error field), that has 2 columns "error", "comment"
and apply the lookup at the end of your search to add the comment.
Then you just have to maintain the lookup table.

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