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Why isn't my discard working?

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I'm trying to discard entries from one of my data sources and it isn't working. Why?
All the following are set on the indexer, not the universal forwarder. I've triple checked my work.


direction = inbound;outbound
disabled = 0
index = windows
packetType = accept;connect


TRANSFORMS-null1 = null1


SOURCE_KEY = LocalAddress
REGEX = ::1
DEST_KEY = queue
FORMAT = nullQueue

The events I'm getting are source=inbound and sourcetype=WinNetMon

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Your stanza header spec in props.conf is wrong. You have this:


You need something like this:






There are a few other uncommon specs, but I have never seen them used.

I am quite certain that your sourcetype is NOT WinNetMon://inbound and if it is, you should change it. You should have a line like this in your inputs.conf stanza

sourcetype = MySourcetypeHere
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That regex will match any record that has a field called LocalAddress that contains the literal value "::1".

1) Verify the spelling and capitalization of the field.

2) Look at the events themselves and verify whether that is the internal representation in that field.

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