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Why does appendcols only show a fraction of overall search?

index=* App=appA OR appB OR appC | 
stats sum(Rate) as appSumRate by _time, App | 
appendcols [ search  index=* App=appD | 
stats sum(Rate) as appDsumRate by _time, App ]

When I try the above search I only get a fraction of the subsearch results, no matter what timerange.

alt text

When I do the appendcols subsearch by itself, it gets the full timerange.
What can I do to increase the range?

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It is best not to use it. Try this:

(index=* App IN("appA", "appB", "appC", "apD")
| eval AppCategory=if(App=="appD", "appD", "appsABC")
| timechart sum(Rate) AS appSumRate BY AppCategory


I wanted to separate the appSumRate by Apps and when I use this I only get two categories. To add on to what I was trying to do, with appDsumRate, I wanted to use it to get the ratios relative to the rest of the apps.

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