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What should I feed to my summary Index? and how Should I extract fields for status, Amount and ID


INFO | 2021-10-18 05:17 AM | BUSINESS RULE | Payload for ID#: 58916 with status Approved is published

Second Event

msg INFO | 2021-10-14 10:38 PM |  Message consumed: {"InputAmountToCredit":"22.67","CurrencyCode":"AUD","Buid":"1401","OrderNumber":"877118406","Cre ID":"58916"}


I want to have sum of InputAmountToCredit based on status . status can vary to different statuses and ID is common field for both the events (but it differs in key in both the events)  How can I extact fields for status InputAmountToCredit and ID. I want to sum amount for each Id who is having same status and generate status wise report.


Also my Searches are slow and I want to implement summary index.

1. I am not sure if tomorrow i want to update my summary index will I be able to do so with new events?

2. How can I decide what should be part of summary index as right now I have the requirement with these two events only.

I am new to splunk so any pointers will help


Thanks for all the support.

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Give this a try

(base search to fetch event1) OR (base search to fetch event2)
| rex "ID\#\:\s*(?<ID1>\d+) with status (?<Status>\w+)"
| rex "ID\"\:\"(?< ID2>[^\"]+)"
| rex "InputAmountToCredit\"\:\"(?<InputAmountToCredit>[^\"]+)"
| eval ID=coalesce(ID1,ID2)
| stats latest(Status) as Status values(InputAmountToCredit) as InputAmountToCredit by ID
| where Status="Approved"
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