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What is the rex command to extract the last value from a source field?

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Hi .. I need to extract back123 from the source field. pls provide the entire rex command needed to fetch back123 to a new field.

source = /opensource/final/back123

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Hi @simona2121 - Looks like you have several answers to try out 🙂 If one of them has worked, please click "Accept" below the best answer to resolve this post. Thank you!

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Joining the answer party...

Try this

source = "*opensource*" | dedup source | rex field=source ".*\/(?<new>.*)" | table source, new
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This should do:

... | rex field=source ".*\/(?<new>\S+)"


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Let's make it an even 4

... | rex field=source "\/(?<folder>[^\/]*)$"
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Like this:

... | rex field=source ".*?(?<fn>[^\/]*)$"
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Try this:

 yoursearch | rex field=source ".*\/(?[^ ]+)" | table myfield


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if that source is part of your event, then field=_raw is good.

yoursearch | rex field=_raw "final\/(?<rexField>.*)" | table rexField

if that source is splunk extracted source field, then field=source is good.

yoursearch | rex field=source "final\/(?<rexField>.*)" | table rexField
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