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Unknown search command 'gauge'.


Hi Guys,

i am new to SPLUNK.

when i search a query with non admin user i am getting below error,

Unknown search command 'gauge'.

i guess this may be problem with some capabilities, but not sure which one.

can any one help me please to fix the issue.

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thanks for your advice.
the issue is resolved, its some compatibility issues with the user.

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Hi.. let me know the capability required for the user to use gauge command

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What happened on 31st July 2014?

Any upgrades?

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The problem doesn't jump out at me directly, but perhaps the usage of % in an eval field is gumming up the works. Can you try changing the variable name from success% to success? I am wondering if splunk is considering that a modulo operator isntead of a variable.

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these was working fine till 31st July 2014. from 1st Aug onwards we had problem with gauge class.

saying " unknown search command 'gauge' "

the query is

index="wcp_idx" sourcetype="jtc_log" Operation="{String:TopUpWithCard}"|stats count(eval(EventType="{String:Request}")) AS total, count(eval(EventType="{String:Reply}")) AS complete | eval success%=round(((complete/total)*100),1)|fillnull success% value=0 | gauge success%

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Please post the actual search string you are having difficulty with, and the specific error message. Your query is too vague.

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