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I am doing a search on our firewall. I am looking to see who is making the most requests on different ports, and also list the total number of requests. I am also interested in what country they are coming from.

I am having trouble with formating the output to show all that I am looking for.

<Basic_Search> | stats dc(dest_port) by src_ip

Returns the number of distince ports that are being hit by each source IP.

<Basic_Search> | stats count by src_ip
| iplocation src_ip
| sort limit=5 -count

Returns the IPs sending the most traffic, where they are.

But, if I try to output a table with something like:

| stats dc(dest_port) by src_ip
| stats count by src_ip
| iplocation src_ip
| sort limit=5 -count

The dc for destination port disappears. (Or is not passed.)

Any ideas on how to get a list of the top X IP's by volume, and also have the IP Location and number of different ports listed?

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You can have multiple aggregate verbs in a single stats command...

 | stats count as theCount, dc(dest_port) as thePorts by src_ip
 | iplocation src_ip
 | sort limit=5 - theCount
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Your second stats command basically erases the first. You need to carry over the values from each stats command you do to keep the values. Try something like this:

 | eventstats dc(dest_port) as dcDestPort by src_ip
 | stats max(dcDestPort) as destPorts count by src_ip
 | iplocation src_ip
 | sort limit=5 -count
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