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I am currently using this search string to determine the number of defects based but I would like to expand it so I can trend it over multiple weeks.

sourcetype="qualys" OSgroup=APPLE | stats count(eval(severity="4" or severity="5")) AS totalseverity, dc(Hostname) AS totaldevices | eval defects=(totalseverity/totaldevices)

The above string provides me the data for the time selected (which is generally the past 7 days).

What I would like to do it provide the defects for the current week, prior week, prior prior week, etc.


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sourcetype="qualys" OSgroup=APPLE | 
bucket _time span=7d |
stats count(eval(severity="4" or severity="5")) AS total_severity, dc(Hostname) AS total_devices by _time | 
eval defects=(total_severity/total_devices)

and search over the past 28 days or whatever. This will bucket in 7-day periods, not Sun-Sat.

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I also like dwaddle's answer, although I don't think that is the search that you want.

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timechart is your friend. You may want to rewrite your search some however. Something like this may get close:

sourcetype="qualys" OSgroup=APPLE ( severity=4 OR severity=5 )
| timechart span=1w count(severity),dc(Hostname) AS total_devices 
| eval defects=(total_severity/total_devices)
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