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Timechart Comparing Two Values


Can Anyone Please Help Me With This Synthax?
I've got an extracted from xml field already (CodigoCanal) And One Database field (COD_TIPO_SITU_PSST) and I really need to make a timechart for these two as follows

  • index=main sourcetype=main_perfomance| timechart max(CodigoCanal,COD_TIPO_SITU_PSST) *

How can I make this work asap pliz...
Thanks in advance!

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Try this

index=main sourcetype=main_perfomance
| timechart max(CodigoCanal) max(COD_TIPO_SITU_PSST)

Although you may need to give a clearer description of what you want to to see on the timechart. I am just guessing.


Could you provide more details upon what you want to plot? plot whichever is maximum of CodigoCanal COD_TIPO_SITU_PSST?

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