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Time of Day on Y Axis


I'm trying to create a chart that has the time of day on the y axis. I have a results table that looks like this:

Database      Time_of_Day
db_1          10:00
db_2          10:05
db_3          13:30

If I do a "chart max(TimeofDay) by Database" I see results in the results table but nothing in any of the chart types. What am I missing here? How do I tell splunk to use a time scale for the Y axis?

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The problem that I see here is that there is no truly "graphable" data in your output.

You cannot tell Splunk to use a time-scale on the Y axis. At least not for chart or timechart: by definition, the Y axis must be the numeric result of one of the chart or timechart functions, and none of them return time values. max(Time_of_Day) will work only if Time_of_Day is numeric - otherwise it returns null values.

You could do something like this

| timechart span=30m count by Database

which will graph the count of events attributable to each database.

You might also look at the xyseries command, but I am not sure that it will do what you want, either...

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Splunk Employee

What does your raw data look like? The best way to get time charts in Splunk is to generate some events with extracted timestamps and then use the "timechart" search command.

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What are the values you get (as table) after your chart command? does it shows TimeOfDay as epoch time (decimal number)?

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