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Table command versus stats command for this search (for efficiency)?


My Query is as follows
index=x source=y COMPLETED
| stats values(processkey) as "Process Key", values(processstarttime) as "Process Start Time", values(jobkey) as "Job Key", latest(jobstatus) as "Job Status" latest(processstatus) as "Process Status",values(totalrunduration) as "Process Duration", values(durationprocessinprogress) as "InProgress Duration", values(jobdetaillastupdate) as "Last Update Time" by processkey,processname,jobdetailkey
| rename process_name as "Process Name"
| table "Process Start Time", "Last Update Time", "Process Name", "Process Key", "Job Key" "Process Status" "Job Status" "Process Duration" "InProgress Duration"
| sort -"Process Start Time"
| fillnull "Process Duration" value=Opened

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looking over your code, it looks pretty good. you can remove values(process_key) as "Process Key" since you are also using that in your by statement. You can use fields instead of table, if you're just using that to get them in the right order.

| stats values(process_start_time) as "Process Start Time", values(job_key) as "Job Key", latest(job_status) as "Job Status" latest(process_status) as "Process Status",values(total_run_duration) as "Process Duration", values(duration_process_inprogress) as "InProgress Duration", values(job_detail_lastupdate) as "Last Update Time" by process_key,process_name,job_detail_key 
| rename process_name as "Process Name" process_key as "Process Key"
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