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StreamedSearch - Streamed search connection terminated


Getting this in internal logs "StreamedSearch - Streamed search connection terminated". What does this mean?

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These errors are due to the automatic key value pair extraction that Splunk is doing.

For instance, take a look at the following entry log. I have highlighted the issues, which is a bit of pain so I wonder if Splunk can do something about it in order to avoid unnecessary worrying:

02-22-2016 13:49:38.722 +0000 INFO StreamedSearch - Streamed search connection terminated: search_id=remote_myserver_1456148978.13, server=myserver, active_searches=0, elapsedTime=0.082, search='litsearch index=internal log_level=ERROR _time>=1456148678.000 | addinfo type=count label=prereport_events | fields keepcolorder=t "host" "message" "prestats_reserved" "psrsvd_" | prestats count by host message', savedsearch_name=""

This log is just telling me the search has now terminated. The log_level=ERROR means i was searching for these type of errors before, but the actual event is an INFO one.

Hope that helps.


Forgot to mention you can get rid of these events when searching for errors in your internal logs by doing something like:

index=_internal log_level=ERROR NOT ("log_level=ERROR" StreamedSearch litsearch)

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I also see these in Splunk internal logs and while the phrasing sounds like an error it is listed as INFO. if you search you will also find a corresponding "StreamedSearch - Streamed search search starting" INFO message a little earlier. It appears that these entries are just logging the start and finish of a search and not indicative of any error.

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Ditto. Have an alert that didnt trigger. From what I can see it shows that same error.

04-16-2015 13:55:19.512 -0700 INFO StreamedSearch - Streamed search connection terminated: search_id=

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yes, we have these too ... what does it mean?

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