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Standardizing field values


I have field values that are the same as each other but in different cases.

How can I standardize them to prevent inconsistencies in my results?

Thank you,

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I'm going to assume that you have some fields that contain both "No" and "no" as potential values.

1) Before running a stats (or similar aggregation command), you should take each such field and apply either the upper or lower command to the field, such as

| eval myfield = lower(myfield)
| stats count by myfield

2) When using a rex or regex or match command on the field, at the front of the regular expression, add the flag "(?i)" to do case-insensitive matching.

| regex AnotherField="(?i)yes"

which is equivalent to

| regex AnotherField="(yes|yeS|yEs|yES|Yes|YeS|YEs|YES)"
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