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Splunk query to find IP attack in Geo Map


 index=graphsecurityalert having information's about all attacks in "title" field

index=zscaler having information's about all IP & location  but it don't have logs about attacks.

Now i want query to find in geo map with IP and title of the attack.

i tried index=graphsecutity OR index=zscaler title=* | iplocation src_ip | geostats count by userStates{}.logonLocation  but i am unable to get results.


Please help me with query to find IP attacks in geo map

@soutamo @saravanan90 @thambisetty @ITWhisperer @gcusello @bowesmana   @to4kawa 

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Can you provide sanitized sample events? I'm assuming you want to join Microsoft Graph Security API Add-On for Splunk events with Zscaler Technical Add-On for Splunk events.

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