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Splunk health check monitoring using command line ?

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is it possible to extract informations about Splunk System health check using command line ?

For example I would like to execute some ./splunk command which will print all informations about current health check. Is it possible ?

I would like to connect Icinga2 Monitoring system which will execute some command and extract some specified informations about current system performance. Is it possible ? Is there any command in CLI which will print all informations about system health check ?

Thanks in advance for Your support.



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You may be able to get the information using the REST API.
What specific information are you looking for as a "health check"?

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@Dear richgalloway,
@ & All

I was looking for the question same as mentioned above,

@checking the port if are listening and open,if closed how to open,
@Check if forwarder has completed processing log file (i.e. tailing process by using below URL) using CLI?
@checking disk size but the Total not by partition df-h (size,used,available?to calculate the total size of all the disk?
@Check on indexer if receiving is enabled on port 9997 and port 9997 is open on indexer using CLI? If not, how to enable it using CLI?
@what you can advise me to check when you see logs is not being generated into splunk?
@ how to Check out log file permissions which you are sending to Splunk. Verify if Splunk user has access to log file?
@what are the Command to Checkout filesystem for last modification and verify if the forwarder is monitoring it?
@and other basic troubleshooting to look/check you may have, it will be better if you share it,

Thank you in advance

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