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Splunk encountered the following unknown module: "StaticContentSample".

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Not sure what changed, but all of a sudden on one of our Splunk boxes I'm getting errors when navigating, and for screens that do happen to work, the formatting is messed up.

Here's the error trying to use Search:

"Splunk encountered the following unknown module: "StaticContentSample." The view may not load properly.". When I click OK, I get another but with a different module.

"Splunk encountered the following unknown module: "SearchLinkLister." The view may not load properly.".

After I click OK on the 2nd one, the screen is left in shambles - very strange formatting...and I cannot use search.

I also get one of these errors when trying to access the "License" section.

Any ideas?

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I would turn off JS minification. I've seen bugs around that feature that resulted in the same symptom back in 4.1.x and I think in 4.2.X, so it's worth a shot.

In $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/system/local/web.conf, in the [settings] stanza, put
minify_js = False

if you have no etc/system/local/web.conf, then create it, and have its contents be:

minify_js = False

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I get the same alert in Firefox, 3 times:

"Splunk encountered the following unknown module: "SearchLinkLister." The view may not load properly."

The upper, right-hand, "loading" bar remains; global summary and index data is not loaded on the Summary page.

Splunk 4.1.6 build 89596, Solaris 10, SPARC. After having done an upgrade from 4.1.2, build 79191.

It appears to be related to using the IP address, instead of the FQDN, as the URL to log in to the splunk web interface.

Splunk devs: Care to elaborate?

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I am getting this error on Splunk 4.1.6 build 89596

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Which version are you on? I'm using Splunk 4.2 (build 90528) and I'm experiencing the same issue

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