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Splunk combine timechart result from two queries

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Have the following queries

query 1 - cf_org_name="xxx" cf_space_name="yyy" cf_app_name=zzz index=123* msg= "Transaction completed" | timechart count AS Succesfull_Tran span=60m

query 2 - cf_org_name="xxx" cf_space_name="yyy" cf_app_name=zzz index=123* msg= "ERROR" | timechart count AS Failed_Tran span=60m

Need help to combine the resultset into a single timechart table . Tried append and it dosent not give the desired output .

Desired Output

_time | Succesfull_Tran | Failed_Tran

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Like this:

index="123*" AND cf_org_name="xxx" AND cf_space_name="yyy" AND cf_app_name="zzz" 
| timechart span=60m count(eval(msg="ERROR")) AS Failed_Tran count(eval(msg="Transaction completed")) AS Succesfull_Tran 
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Try this too

cf_org_name="xxx" cf_space_name="yyy" cf_app_name=zzz index=123*
| timechart span=1h count as Total , count(eval(msg="Transaction completed")) as Succesfull_Tran , count(eval(msg="ERROR")) as Failed_Tran

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| timechart span=60m count by msg

You can also create a new variable and timechart by that

| eval Success = if(msg="Transaction Completed","Success","Error")
| timechart span=60m count by Success

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