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Hi Guys,

I know this seems very sill query but I am looking this in urgency and I don't have much time to create it from my side as of now as I am travelling. I have the Splunk presentation ( like Architecture, components, etc) and training on next week. So if you guys can help me to get/provide this, it would really fruitful for me.

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@Hemant21you can visit conf.splunk.com might be there you will get some ppt.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I'd recommend going through conf.splunk.com and using some of the presentations from there as source material... That'll be the easiest. And of course, google is your friend. And docs.splunk.com has plenty of material for architecture.

What training?
If you need the material from classes you have already completed then contact education_amer@splunk.com for a copy. Splunk does not permit users to share their education material.
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